10 reasons why you should redesign your website

Does your website offers a poor experience to users on the move?

As a business you can’t ignore this change in the way people are consuming websites. You need to ensure that your website looks fantastic and offers a flawless user experience (UX) on mobile devices (as well as desktop ones). Otherwise you’re going to loose potential business – no question about it.

Plus, with Google’s “mobile-first” indexing, the way your mobile website is made can greatly affect how your site appears on search results.

Does your site take too long to load?

If your site takes to long to load, you can’t expect potential customers to wait around for it. You run the risk of missing out on leads and sales.

Your Social Media Shares Don’t Look Good

If you share a link from your site on Twitter or Facebook and find no presentable thumbnails, title, or description, then it’s time to review your site for an update.

Some of the Features or Content Don’t Display Properly

Your logo and other images might not be displayed right, interactive features might have glitches, or your content doesn’t display as you intended. Time for a refresh!

You’re Not Seeing Any Business Results

Does your website bring in sales and leads? Is it contributing towards your business goals? If the answer to both questions is “No,” then it’s time to consider a redesign that contributes to your small business.

Visitors Quickly Leave the Site

Users should be sticking around for more than a few seconds.

People Can’t Find What They Are Looking For

Do you get many calls or emails about information that is already on the website? If so, this is a sign that people are having difficulty finding what they need on your site.

Your Top Competitors Have Redesigned Their Sites

Outdated design isn't just about aesthetics. They provide subtle signals to your audience. A fresh design lets them know that you've kept up with the times and that your business is thriving.

Your Brand, Products, or Services Have Changed

Has your site been updated to reflect the changes to your buisness?

You are embarrassed by your website

Be truthful are you really happy giving out your website address?

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